How to live an extraordinary life, in extremely restrictive & boring times, without going bat shit crazy.

In March 2020 our lives changed, everything stopped. We cancelled our vacations, we folded up our Gucci jeans and put on PJ bottoms. We stopped going to parties, and worrying what other people thought, and became obsessed with zoom etiquette. We no longer needed make up, a filter on our phones apply that way better than we ever could...

Our face to face business´ shut, or became extremely restricted, and we started to pivot our work live to embrace the digital age. Working online was no longer a dream for the digital nomads, it became a necessity.

We changed our flight bookings again and again, then gave up and requested airline refunds, and we started to wonder what fun we could have in our own backyard.

Words like freedom sounded  like a utopian dream, and the new buzz word was survival.

This blog use to be about Travel, Adventures, Exotic Locations & how to escape and survive a fast paced world. Now it´s about finding the joy in the small things. It´s about finding the sweetness in mundanity, and how to live an extraordinary life, even within the confines of your own house, garden, community or town. And you know what, it´s not that bad. 

Some of us don´t want to go back to the way it was before, we are quite happy being legends in our own lunch box. 

So, that's why this blog is called beetroot-juice. Because it is about transforming the most boring looking root into a sweet, delicious extraordinary experience.

 And that's about the best we can do right now...

Is to have the most joy, fun and bliss we can possibly have, within the confines of this new normal, that does not have to be boring.